Nidart Gallery is established in a
    neoclassical building from the 19th century
    located at libertad 45 street in the heart
    of the historical district in Mazatlan,
    less than one block from the
    Angela Peralta Opera House.
    Leather masks
    Animal Relieves
    and more...

    For sale at NIDART.
    The gallery has several exhibit rooms where
    fountains, clay sculptures, and wall paintings
    create an original atmosphere.
    Copper artwork and ceramics exhibit in the hallway
    a tropical patio to enjoy nature
    and a hand-crafted mexican gelato made by us.

Nidart is a nest of artisans founded in 1992 by Rak and Loa as a family workshop to exhibit and sell their leather and clay artwork. Among the years we have invited other famililies, artists and cooperatives to be part of the nest and exhibit their work at NIDART with the intention to be a growing nest of artisans. Today Nidart is formed by 4 mexican families, 3 cooperatives that produce and sells crafts made of many different materials such as : leather, clay, copper, paper, wood, ceramics, abulony shell, coconut shells, etc. and every year we choose an artist to be our guest and show his/her work in the gallery.

After 20 years of selling our work in the historical district of mazatlan and listening to the suggestions of many of our clients, we deceided to show and sell our work online offering you the oportunity to choose from our photo-gallery unique pieces that will be sending to your home.